How to Buy WMeta1coin


Setup Metamask:

Download Metamask

You’d need MetaMask wallet to purchase wMeta. You can get MetaMask wallet from chrome store using following link

Create Metamask Wallet

Once you’ve installed Metamask wallet on you chrome (or compatible browser), Open it and create new wallet in it.

Add Binance Smart Chain In Metamask

Once the metamask setup is done you’d need to add Binanace Smart Chain Network in Metamask.

You can follow following guide to setup Binance Smart Chain network in metamask wallet

Once you’ve setup the Binance Smart Chain Wallet in your metamask, You’re all set for the next step.

Add USDT and wMETA in Metamask

Now, You’d need to add USDT and wMETA in metmask so that you can view these tokens and their balances in your wallet directly. Adding both of these is pretty straigh forward.

Open metamask and make sure you’re in Asset Tab

How to buy META 1 coin

Then scroll down and click on "Import Tokens"

How to buy META 1 coin

And in the opened form fill-in USDT address (0x55d398326f99059ff775485246999027b3197955) and wait for couple seconds, rest form should automatically fill up with USDT details once it does, just click on "Add Custom Token" button and USDT token is added to your Metamask

How to buy META 1 coin

Repeat the same steps as mentioned above for wMETA

(0xF25994939B8FA3C768fe35961287bbEb5eC9c521) to add that in your MetaMask wallet.

Once you’ve added both USDT and wMETA in your wallet, You’re ready to move to the next step.


Right now wMeta can only be purchase using Binance USDT

(, You can get it easily on exchanges like Binance. On Binance Exchange, You can also convert your regular USDT to Binance USDT with 1:1 ratio directly.

Once you’ve gotten Binance USDT, withdraw them to your Metamask Wallet and you’re all set to buy/sell wMeta.

Buy wMeta.

Check Current Rate

Now, before buying or selling wMeta, you’d want to check rate at which price will you sell or buy wMeta.

So to check current rate go to following link

Then scroll down to "wMETAPrice" and click it, and then click on "Query" button and wait for 1-2 second and you should be presented with the current wMETA price against USDT as shown in the screenshot

How to buy META 1 coin

Now, to understand the price, take the price and divide it with 100million. To get how many USDT is equivalent to 1 wMETA.

So for example, as per screenshot the 1 wMETA = 49642336920 / 100000000 = 496.4233692 USDT


Now, You’ve checked the rates and you know that rate is gonna skyrocket in coule days so you decides to invest 10000 USDT and purchase wMETA here is how you do it.

To buy wMETA there are 2 steps

1. Approve - To approve go to following link =>

Then connect your MetaMask wallet by clicking on "Connect to Web3" link

How to buy META 1 coin

Once you’ve connected your MetaMask wallet, then click on "increaseAllowance", then in the visible form fill in "spender" with "0x454209eF057530263048Edb9943c0Ff598bDf57d" and in the "addedValue" field fill in 10000000000000000000000 (the amount you want to purchase wMETA for multiplied by 10^18, so if you want to buy for 10000 then fill in 10000000000000000000000).

And then click on "Write" button. Once you click "Write" button, your MetaMask would open for your approval. Please confirm it and wait for couple seconds for transaction to go through. After that you’re ready for the second step.

2. Buy

Now, Since you’ve already approve the amount, you’re ready to finally buy wMETA.

To buy wMETA go to following link =>

Then connect your MetaMask wallet by clicking on "Connect to Web3" link, once you’ve connected your wallet click on "deposit" then fill in the amount "_amount" in exact way as you did when doing approval. So if you want to purchase wMETA for 10000 USDT, fill in 10000000000000000000000.

How to buy META 1 coin

And then click on "Write" button, then confirm the same in the MetaMask and congratulations you’ve purchased wMETA. You can now check your MetaMask wallet and you’re wMETA balance should have received the wMETA amount you’ve purchased.

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