How to Create a META LITE Wallet

In order to transact on the META Exchange or hold META1 Coins you must first setup a META Wallet. This process with also simultaneously provide you with access to the full META EXCHANGE. There are two ways to setup a META Wallet. We will go over how to setup a META Wallet via the META EXCHANGE. If you would like to setup a META Lite Wallet, please see How to Setup A META Lite Wallet.

Let’s review how to create a META LITE Wallet

1. Navigate to, make sure you are on the Official META 1 domain

META 1 domain

2. On the upper right-hand corner of the screen click on Dashboard.

META 1 Home page

Then click Account.

META 1 Dashboard Dropown

3. Enter your Name, Email, Phone Number, Account Name (see Account Name Tips) and finally copy the generated password and paste it into the confirmed password field. Complete the captcha and then click Continue.

4. Select META LITE Wallet from the menu

META 1 Welcome page

5. Click Create META Wallet.

META 1 Click Create META Wallet

6. Enter your Name, Email, Phone Number and Choose a Account Name (see Account Name tips)

META 1 Registration Form

7. Copy the auto generated password and paste into the Password Confirmation field and click the submit button… BUT, BEFORE you click the submit button

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure prior to hitting the submit button, that you have copied your encrypted password in more than one location. (Hand write it, or copy and paste to an external location, or onto a Word Document. IF THIS PASSWORD IS LOST, OR NOT COPIED CORRECTLY, we can NOT access your wallet, or retrieve any coins that have been issued to your wallet. You will also, NOT be able to access your wallet or transact on the META- Exchange.

META 1 Password Confirmation

8. For ideas how to save your password, see Password Storage Tips)

META 1 Password Storage Tips

9. Read and Check each acknowledgement and click Submit.

Congratulations! You have Created A META LITE Wallet.

META 1 Created A META LITE Wallet

To learn more about the META LITE Wallet see: