How to create paper wallet?

We all lose passwords, it happens to the best of us, this is why we created the paper wallet. As a backup or safeguard if your passkey is misplaced. In this article we are going to review what a paper wallet is and how to go about creating one.

A paper wallet is exactly that, it is a set of recovery keys that are printed on a piece of paper and can be kept in a offline location for safe keeping. We recommend all META 1 users create a paper wallet and keep it in a safe off-line location like a safe, with a loved one or in a safety deposit box. This is like the backup key to your safe, it needs to be stored in a very safe place.

1 - Be sure to confirm you are visiting the official META Exchange website

2 - Log in to your account and on the top left click where it says dashboard

How to create paper wallet

3 - Click on the dashboard to the left where it says “create paper wallet”

How to create paper wallet

4 - On the top right click where it says “create paper wallet”

How to create paper wallet

5 - A file will download to your computer containing your paper wallet.

6 - When you open your paper wallet, it should look something like this

How to create paper wallet

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