How to Deposit Crypto into Your META Wallet

Depositing crypto into the META LITE Wallet is simple and easy, to see a list of tokens the META Wallet supports please see Coin supported on the META EXCHANGE.

1. Navigate to, make sure you are on the official META 1 domain.

META 1 domain

2. Log in to your META Account (see How to Log into your META Account)

3. Navigate to your META LITE Wallet

META 1 Lite Wallet

4. Select the token you would like to deposit by clicking the Deposit button to the right of the coin’s symbol.

META 1 Lite Wallet

5. Click the copy button to copy the Deposit address or scan the QR code with phone.

META 1 Lite Wallet

6. Provide the deposit address to the person sending you coins or if you are sending yourself coins from an external wallet paste this address into the field that asks for the deposit address within your external wallet.

For tips on sending and depositing cryptocurrency see Tips on Sending and Depositing Cryptocurrency.