How to download and Install Anydesk software

In order to download and install Anydesk software the first step is to open your browser and go to – Once you are here you should see a landing page like in the following picture.

Anydesk website

Once you are here, you need to click on the green download button in the middle left of the website.

After clicking the green button, you should see the following screen, below the big red arrow you will see a file names Anydesk.exe. Please click the file and install it.

Anydesk website

Once you have successfully installed the software, need to go to your desktop and click on the Anydesk icon.

Anydesk on desktop

After clicking on the Anydesk icon, the following window should appear.

Anydesk ID

You must provide the 9 digit code in the red circle to customer support so that he/she can see your computer screen.