How to Trade Coins in the META LITE Wallet

The META LITE wallet has been designed to make functions like trading or exchange support coins easy. In this article we will go over how to Trade or Exchange one coin for another.

1. Navigate to and login into your account (see How to Login into your META 1 Account). Make sure you on at the official META 1 domain.

META 1 domain

2. Navigate to your META LITE Wallet

Navigate to your META LITE Walle

3. Choose the desired coin you would like Trade and then click the Trade button to the right of the coin’s symbol. (for a list of supported coins see Coins Supported on the META EXCHANGE)

Choose the desired coin you would like Trade

4. Enter the amount that you would like to exchange. When you enter the desired amount, the system will automatically calculate the amount of the coin you are going to receive.

Tip: If you would simply like to exchange all of the current coin you hold, then simply hit the MAX button

5. Click Exchange


6. Enter your passkey and click submit.

Enter your passkey

7. A popup will appear that will confirm your transaction as completed.