Missing Crypto Deposit in my Wallet

You sent a crypto deposit to your META Wallet, and it hasn’t arrived after a typical time period, what should you do next? In this article we will go over some steps you can take if your crypto deposit does not arrive in your META wallet.

1. Check the explorer site for that coin’s blockchain to check the status of your transaction. You can do this by looking up the transaction ID.

2. Check the address you sent to and make sure it is correct, common mistakes made when sending cryptocurrency include having the wrong address or sending Bitcoin to a Litecoin address for example which will not result in a successful transaction.

3. Wait 24 hours, sometimes other blockchains can become congested and transaction times can take longer, this happens a lot with coins like BTC. Wait a full 24 hours to see if the transaction completes and the coins appear in your wallet.

4. If all else fails contact META EXCHANGE support (See How to Do Contact Support)

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