Tips for Creating your 'Wallet Account Name'

So you are creating your wallet name and you aren’t sure what to call it, what the guidelines are or how to move forward. In this article we will review some tips and tricks for creating your wallet or account name.

1. For optimum security, avoid using your name or personal information as a part of your META Wallet Account name (do not use an email address or your personal name.)

2. Your META Wallet Account Name must contain from 4 to 63 characters and must consist of a combination of lowercase Latin letters, dashes, or numbers. (DO NOT USE capital letters, blank spaces, @, +!or any other non- number/letter characters except a dash)

3. Make sure your wallet name is going to be something you can remember, do not use a complex name sequence that you will easily forget.

4. Wallet names cannot be changed; you get one chance to create a wallet name of your preference. If you decide you want to change your wallet name for any reason, you’ll need create a brand-new wallet.

NOTE: You can not recreate the same wallet name again. If for some reason you get part way through the set up and have to start again, pick a NEW wallet name, as each attempt at creating a wallet, also changes the encrypted passphrase.

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