Tips on Sending and Depositing Crypto into your META Wallet

When first getting started transacting in the cryptocurrency world, sending coins can be intimidating. Here are some tips and tricks when it comes to sending and depositing cryptocurrency into a META wallet.

Make sure you have the right address: each crypto currency runs on its own blockchain. For example. META1 runs on the META Blockchain, Bitcoin runs on the Bitcoin Blockchain. They cannot mix, meaning you cannot send META 1 to a Bitcoin address.

Triple check the address, copy and then paste the address into the document three times to confirm it is the same address.

Make sure you are sending enough, each blockchain has a minimum amount you can send in a transaction, the address window in your META wallet will provide you with the details on what the minimum transaction amount is for that blockchain. (See how I find deposit addresses?)

Send a test transaction. Before sending the desired amount for your transaction, it is wise to send a smaller amount first to confirm that the receiving wallet receives the funds properly. It is suggested to do this before sending the remainder of the transaction amount.

This will prevent any issues, miscalculations, or errors, and it is better to lose a small fraction if you make a mistake than losing a large sum of money with an error or by sending with a wrong address.

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